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A good plan, executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week

Olivier Desmoulin

When I was a student, I once had a violent exchange with a marketing teacher. I was defending a new startup idea and the teacher blamed me for having no marketing study to prove that people could be interested in my product idea. I had a strong intuition, but he told me to make deeper research in libraries or in the Internet to find relevant studies to get insights in, to build my argumentation. So, I made long research, read many books and studies, and build a great and long powerpoint presentation explaining why my idea was awesome and why marketing and sociologic studies proved I was all-right. After months of work on my project, I finally got a good mark, but I did not have written a single line of code. I had a sophisticated concept, but no product; an idea, but no one had never tested it. After graduation, I tried to find money to develop my project. I met big companies executives and investors and showed them my powerpoint presentation. They found the idea was cool, but... each time they told me I should develop a little bit more.

Unable to develop such a complex idea without money, I finally gave up.

During the following years, I had many other project ideas and made many powerpoint presentations without succeeding in raising money. But one day, I decided to change my way and to start by prototyping, testing and go to the market. My presentation will deal with the way to start building a product and a community of users without any money, just by mixing user experience research, community management and agile development.

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